Labrador Arts & Crafts Package

August 5, 2022

Looking to learn about and own an original piece of Labrador art? This is your chance. Join Charlene Rumbolt August 5-7 as she teaches you how to create: a Fish Skin Art (Cost:$50 per person); Beach Find & Botanical Scarf (Cost: $75 per person); and a Caribou tufted ornament (Cost: $50 per person). These will be made on the Saturday of your stay. Charlene is of Southern Inuit Heritage and a registered Aboriginal Inuk artist.

Charlene is of Southern Inuit Heritage and a registered Aboriginal Inuk artist. She has been creating art most of her life and is a graduate of the Graphic Arts program at Georgian College in Ontario. Although she paints mainly in oils, she is a multi-media artist creating pieces using acrylics, pastels, ink and fiber. Her other creative passions include print making, beading, embroidery and duffle work. “I draw my inspiration from the beautiful lands around me. A journey of self-discovery of my heritage moves me to recreating places and people from throughout the region in a way that honours and preserves my aboriginal heritage.” You will be able to check out more of her work at her Great Caribou Studio and coffee shop in Mary’s Harbour while waiting for the ferry to Battle Harbour.

Beach Finds & Botanicals Silk Scarf Workshop (approx. 2 hours in the morning)
Start by taking a stroll with Charlene to find local plants and beach finds suitable for imprinting. Only a few are needed. (1/2 hr) then head in to find out how to imprint these to create a stunning one-of-kind silk scarf. While the scarves process, enjoy the island. After supper, meet in the loft to unwrap your creation and discover the beauty left behind.  Cost: $75 per person


Fish Skin Art (approx. 1.5 hours in the afternoon)
Learn about traditional cleaning and processing of cod fish skins then make your own piece of art. Choose from jewelry or a picture. Cost: $50 per person


Caribou Tufting (approx. 1.5 hours after supper)
Learn the traditional craft of Caribou Tufting. Create a tufted Artic cotton sprig on traditional duffle then completed with simple edging technique to make a unique ornament. Cost: $50 per person


Package includes: return passenger ferry transport between Mary’s Harbour and Battle Harbour; all meals; accommodations for two nights. Packages are based on double occupancy and start at $1080 + tax (that is for two people with one person doing one craft). Contact Annette at 709-921-6325 to book your package now!

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