9 miles out the bay to the
nearest community

The Journey

9 Miles from Normal
As the ferry navigates through rugged landscapes, visitors are captivated by our remote island's beauty. Faces light up as the sheltered harbor comes into view, marking a special arrival to our unique destination.
Improved Access
A Time Capsule
Sunset Views
Truly Remote
A Warm Welcome

The Harbour

A Living Museum
Battle Harbour, a historic gem adjacent to Great Caribou Island, features mercantile salt fish premises established in the late 1700s. With buildings dating back over 200 years, it offers a glimpse into its rich maritime heritage.
The Harbour Gateway to Maritime Magic
The Harbour Anchor in the Atlantic
The Harbour Where Land Meets Sea
The Harbour Shores of Serenity
The Harbour Haven of Coastal Charm

The Scenery

Island of the little boat
Explore Battle Harbour on Battle Island, part of a larger island group. Experience rugged coastlines, abandoned settlements, seasonal icebergs, and stunning views - a true Newfoundland and Labrador immersion in history and scenery.
The Scenery Coastal Majesty in Full View
The Scenery Nature's Canvas Unveiled
The Scenery Seaside Spectacle Revealed
The Scenery Scenic Wonders Await
The Scenery A Tapestry of Coastal Landscapes


Experience Our Accommodations
Step into the past with our accommodations, blending newly constructed and lovingly restored buildings. Experience original charm paired with modern comforts, offering relaxation spaces faithful to the island's heritage.
The Issac Smith House - 4
Grenfell Cottage - 3
The Accommodations Quaint Cottages for a Seaside Escape
The Issac Smith House - 4
The Accommodations Charming Inns with Atlantic Views
The Accommodations Seaside Serenity in Every Stay
Grenfell Cottage - 3
The Accommodations Historic Ambiance with Comforts
The Accommodations Cozy Comforts Amidst Coastal Charm

The Food

Fit to Eat
Indulge in a unique dining affair where visitors from around the world gather around communal tables to enjoy Newfoundland & Labrador staples prepared by talented local chefs.
The Food Savor the Flavors of Coastal Cuisine
The Food Enjoy the Freshest Ingredients
The Food Handcrafted Dishes in a Historic Setting
The Food Farm-to-Table Fare Infused with Local Flair
The Food Taste the Bounty of the North Atlantic